Egg Carton Craft


1 18 Egg carton
Green acrylic paint (or blue and yellow for mixing)
Popsicle sticks
Green paper
Yellow paper
Craft glue
Permanent Marker


Word garden in process
  1. Cut the edges and excess holes off of your TopLay egg carton. You will need 6-12 egg holes depending on your children’s level of literacy.  
  2. Prepare your green paint by mixing blue and yellow (optional) 
  3. Turn your TopLay carton upside-down and apply the green paint to the part that is now facing upward. 
  4. Draw tulips on the sheet of yellow paper and write a letter of the alphabet in each one. 
  5. Cut out the tulips and grass the length of the carton from the green paper while you wait for the paint to dry. 
  6. Place a bit of glue at the end of each popsicle stick, and paste the tulips on the stick. 
  7. When the paint is dry, you can paste the grass across the length of your egg carton. 
  8. Cut a small line into the top of each carton for the tulips to be “planted” in.


Word Garden Egg Carton Craft
  1. Say a word to your child or pupil, or show them a picture of an object for example, “Egg”. 
  2. Your child or pupil must now search for the paper tulips on sticks to find the correct letters of the alphabet of the word provided. 
  3. They can follow this step by placing the letters into the correct order in the slots you made at the top of the carton.
  4. Adapt the difficulty of the game based on how far your child or pupil’s literacy is developed.