By establishing the Co-operative, it gave the farmers an opportunity to design and market one brand, which would render recognition and a permanent place in the retail markets. Thus, TopLay Country Eggs was born.  A head office was set up in Potchefstroom, North West Province as an admin collection point as well as the packaging warehouse.

The Co-operative is run by an elected Board and carefully selected Management and staff to ensure a smooth running operation. Carefully positioned marketing personnel are situated all over the country to meet the individual requirements of each region.

Over the years, the number of members has increased to just over 50 members boasting a member in every province, making TopLay Eggs your National yet Local Egg Supplier.

The Co-operative has resolved to concentrate on developing a sound marketing channel supported by a recognised brand on a national level securing and ensuring excellent customer service to most of the top chain stores as well as the small developing markets.