TopLay strives to provide the best product to all of our customers. A lot of time and effort has been put into our ranges ensuring we have something there for everyone. All our eggs can be found in either 1 dozen, 1½ dozen, 2 dozen, 2½ dozen, 4 dozen and 5 dozen packs. The size of the egg is weighed electronically and packed into either Jumbo, Extra Large, Large or Medium packs. A special Super Jumbo 9 pack can also be found in certain stores.

We base our weights on the below table:

Weight Class

Minimum net weight per egg


More than 66 g

Extra Large

59 g - 66 g


51 g - 59 g


43 g - 51 g


33 g - 43 g

Our Henhouse product is a mixed pack of un-graded eggs. This means there is no weight specification set to the pack and can be found in 2½ dozen, 4 dozen and 5 dozen packs.