TopLay Roses Craft


1 30 egg carton
craft glue
2 chopsticks
red and green paint


TopLay Roses Craft
  1. For each rose, you’ll need to cut out five individual egg holder sections from the carton. From the side of the carton, cut out two leaf shapes.
  2. Cut two of the sections to have four petals, and the remaining three sections to have five petals. Paint these red and set aside to dry.
  3. Paint the leaf shapes and the chopsticks green and set aside to dry.
  4. Once the paint has dried you can start assembling the rose. For the inner bud, fold a section with five petals inward and glue the petals together.
  5. For the next layer of petals, use another five petaled section. Fold the base of these upward and glue the bud to the centre of it. Once the bud has been glued, fold the outer most petals outward.
  6. Continue this method until you have glued each of the sections to each other and folded the tip of the petals outward.
  7. Finally, glue the completed rose head to the top of a chopstick and glue the leaves further down.