Egg carton penguins


1 Egg carton
Black, yellow and white paint
Yellow paper
Craft glue
Small googly eyes


Egg carton penguins
  1. Use your scissors to cut off one round piece and one round with “ears” from your egg carton. The “ears” will be the feet of the penguin. Also cut out two small triangles that will be the wings of your penguin.
Egg carton penguins

2. Paint the two pieces you cut out. Paint the round piece black with a white chest. Paint the other piece black and its feet yellow. When the pieces are dry glue them together with the round piece on top.

Egg carton penguins

3. Glue the two wings on the sides of the penguin’s body. Cut out a small triangle from the yellow paper and glue it just above the white painted chest of your penguin.

Egg carton penguins

4. Glue on the two googly eyes.

Egg carton Penguins

5. You’re ready to travel to and play in Antarctica!