1 x 30 egg carton
Green paint (or blue and yellow to mix)
Brown paint (or orange, red, and black to mix)
Paint brushes
Glue gun
Colourful chenille sticks
Colourful string or yarn


  1. Cut out the individual sections of the egg carton so that you have 22 circular shaped sections.
  2. Glue the sections toform the shape of a tree. Start with 1 section and attach two to the bottom of it. Then continue to attach another three to the previous two. After the three attach four and continue this until the last row has 6 shapes. Form the base of the tree by creating a square using four shapes.
  3. Paint the top of the tree green and the base brown, and set it aside to dry.
  4. Cut another circular shape from the egg carton and paint it yellow to create the star.
  5. Once the tree is dry, it is time to decorate!
  6. Use the chenille sticks as tinsel and weave it through the various sections and shapes of the tree.
  7. Use string to create another layer of decorations.
  8. Add individual glitter stickers to act as baubles.
  9. Cut 2 cm pieces of yellow or gold chenille sticks and glue it to the yellow shape to create a star.
  10. You can add as much detail to your tree as you’d like.
  11. Once you are finished, add some presents and wait for Christmas morning!