TopLay Eggs was originally established in 1987 under Highveld Eggs when 16 inaugural members had the vision to bring eggs to the market under one dedicated brand. During 2014 we changed our name from Highveld Eggs to TopLay Eggs due to our national geographic footprint. We specialize in the production of eggs across the whole of South-Africa, with eleven million dozen eggs distributed countrywide, on a monthly basis, from 50 food safety audited pack stations.

With a vision of being the preferred egg supplier in Southern Africa we strive to optimise value for the benefit of our members, customers, and communities. Critical business factors include economic, social and environmental sustainability, transformation, good corporate governance and adhering to food safety regulations.

Our values are innovativeness, service delivery, supplies of eggs we can trust, valuing relationships with our customers, and, conducting business with integrity and commitment.

Additional to the TopLay brand, we supply and pack most house brands of various major retail outlets with eggs produced by grain fed layers.