Egg-Ceptional Eggs

Over the centuries the egg has been a symbol of fertility, creation and new life. Although it was considered as a spring food, eggs have now become an essential protein source for all cultures.

Eggs contain nearly every nutrient known to be essential for human live. Nature designed it this way to ensure the developing chick has a perfect support system to grow and be healthy – add that fact to the economical benefit of eggs and you have a near perfect food source.

  • Fresh From The Farm

    Many people do not realise the journey an egg takes from the farm to your refrigerator, nor the processes which the egg undergoes. Click here to see the flow chart illustrating the complex journey.

  • Inside an Egg

    Eggs are one of nature's most nutritional foods. One large eggs contains about 70 calories and a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

  • Eggs For the Young at Heart

    An ideal breakfast for kids would fill them up until lunch and provide protein to give them the energy to start the day off right. Eggs are a nutritionally sound choice. Eggs contain many nutrients, making them a sensible food to add to a child's diet any time of the day. In addition, eggs are inexpensive, convenient and easy to chew and digest.

  • Egg Allergies

    An allergy to eggs is caused by the immune system's reaction to the protein in eggs. Two factors are necessary for a food allergy to occur – genetic predisposition and exposure to the food. Click here to read more.